What's Included?

By registering with HOWL you get:

- access to 6 presentations over 2 days
- morning workshop on Sunday, October 20th
- complimentary food served by Mad Musher (dinner on Oct 18, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Oct 19th, brown bag continental breakfast on Oct 20th)
- live music on both evenings (bring cash or credit card for the bar)


HOWL tickets cost $450 and can be paid through PayPal. Only 50 spots available!

What's Not Included?

Book your accommodations as soon as possible! Here's a list of accommodations in the area:

Local South Algonquin Airbnbs
Mad Musher
Camp Bongopix
East Gate Motel
Dreamcatcher Motel
Rolling Rapids Motel
Algonquin 4 Seasons Cabins
Adventure Lodge
Whitney Cabins
Couples Resort
Mew Lake Campground
Hay Lake Lodge

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your HOWL ticket by 11:59pm on September 15th, 2019, then we will honour a 50% refund ($225) by e-transfer. No refund will be issued if you cancel your HOWL ticket after September 15th, 2019. If something unexpected happens and you can't come to HOWL 2019, you are permitted to sell or gift your ticket to another person. If you do this please send us an email to confirm the full name and contact details of the person who will be attending HOWL in your place.

HOWL 2019 will go ahead even if the event does not sell out. The event will NOT be cancelled for financial reasons such as low sales, or for any other unjustified reason. HOWL is already financially and contractually committed to the keynote speakers, musical entertainment, insurance coverage, and venue rental. The Special Occasions Permit has also been approved by AGCO and paid for. HOWL has been in the planning for over a year and video/photo documentation of the inaugural event will be a crucial for the future development of the HOWL brand, the show will go on no matter what!

Refund Policy Continued

In the event of an unthinkable natural disaster in Whitney (tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake, mudslides) or human catastrophe (war, disease outbreak, nuclear accident), then HOWL will issue a full refund of $450 by e-transfer by November 1st, 2019. The cancellation of HOWL will only occur in an extra-ordinary situation (natural disaster or human catastrophe) that threatens the safety of its attendees, speakers, and staff, or if damaged infrastructure (venue demolished or Ontario highways shut down) physically prevents the convention from taking place.

HOWL 2019 will continue even in the event of a death of a partner. HOWL is operated by the owners of Camp Bongopix and Mad Musher. In the event of a death of a partner, the surviving partner will assume all convention responsibilities and execute the convention as planned. A full refund of $450 will be e-transferred to convention attendees only if BOTH Bongo of Camp Bongopix and Steve Dunsford of Mad Musher die prior to the convention. In the event of both partners dying, Camp Bongopix staff will process the refund by November 1st, 2019.

HOWL will NOT be cancelled for any other reason whatsoever! Sorry, a full refund will ONLY be e-transferred by Nov 1, 2019, for the aforementioned tragic circumstances (natural disaster, human catastrophe, death of BOTH partners, Bongo and Steve Dunsford). Refunds will not be granted for any other reason.

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Images copyright © by Mark Raycroft, John Laundstein, and Steve Dunsford used with permission